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    Heat Pumps can either be air source, water source or ground source Heat Pumps. We manufacture Air Source Heat Pumps typically for water heating application & also for some other applications. Air Source Heat Pumps capture atmospheric heat & transfer it to water for which very low energy required.

    About 70% atmospheric heat is transferred to water & only 30% electricity is requried to heat water. Thus, Heat Pumps serve as energy efficient, cost saving & reliable technology for water heating & other applications. We manufacture wide range of Heat Pumps from 100 LPH to 3000 LPH depending on client requirement. We offer turnkey Heat Pump Installtion projects to serve customized Hot Water Requirements.

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    Heat Pump Cycle:

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    Heat Pump Working Principle:

    Heat Pump refrigeration technology to extract heat from the sorrounding air and transfers it to the water

    Heat Extraction:

    The fan circulates air through the evaporator air coil that acts as a heat collector.The liquid refrigerant in the evaporator air coil absorbs the availlable heat from the ambient air

    Heat Intensification:

    The compressor than recieves the warmed refrigerant and intensifies the heat.The intensely hot refrigerant is then pumped into the heat exchanger.

    Heat Transfer:

    The heat from the hot refrigerant flowing inside the heat exchanger is then transfered to the water


    The refrigerant restarts the process and flows through the evaporator air coil to collect heat once again.