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  • Comprehensive Information

    This series heat pump adopts Danfoss constant temperature valve to make the unit safe and more efficient.

    Product Details:

  • Energy saving, high COP up to 4.0
  • Malfunction alarm light optional.
  • Adopt high/low pressure protection, auto defrosting protection, auto re-start function.
  • Electrical heating 1-2kw as back up to ensure work well in low temperature.
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Changeable Magnesuim stick inside water tank for anti-erode protection.

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    Technical Specifications:

    Model OutPut(kw) Input(kw) Water Rated Ltrs/hr Refrigent
    260L 3.6 0.9 55ºC 77 R417
    260L 3.6 0.9 55ºC 77 R417
    300L 5.5 1.2 55ºC 90 R417